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How to join Clan x86!
« on: April 23, 2005, 01:04:19 am »
How to become an official member of Clan x86
So, you're probably reading this because you asked a member of x86 (or someone who has general knowledge of the clan) if/how you could join. Well, here is a FAQ of sorts to answer any questions that may have come to your mind.

Can I join x86?
-- Yes! You can! Infact, everybody out there is eligible to attempt to join x86. Not everyone will make it through the entire voting process and come out a full-fledged member, however.

How do I join x86?
-- Well, there's a two-step process on your behalf. I'll explain those steps briefly, since I assume you can figure out the rest. The two are linked together as well.

  • Get two of the three leaders to approve of you. Who are the leaders? Well, currently, they are iago[x86], Sidoh[x86], and blaze[x86]. If you're wondering how to get their approval then ... (read below)
  • Get to know the members, contribute to the forums/channel, become something the members want in the clan. If you're an inconsiderate prick all the time there's no way anybody likes you, and that narrows down your chances of getting into the clan. However, if you turn out to be somebody that is fun to be around, is extremely friendly, liked by all, your chances are better! Plus, why would any member vote yes on someone they don't know?

There's a three-step process on our behalf, but since that's not relevant to you I won't discuss it here.

Are there any requirements to join x86?
-- Simply put, no. There are no programming/skill requirements necessary to be eligible to join x86. However, we do ask that you have some common sense and general knowledge of how to act/behave around others. We don't like brain-dead morons who don't know how to act, TALK IN ALL CAPS AND U53 NUM83R5 F0R L3TT3R5!!1111, and similar people.

Also, reading the rules is critical too. If you don't know the rules of a community you wish to become a member of, why bother? :P

How do I contribute to the community and get the members to like me?
-- Simple! How do you make friends in real life? When someone asks you a question, answer them. When someone wants to discuss something with you, discuss it in a mature manner. When someone asks you to stop doing something, stop. Be courteous.

I don't know what kind of community x86 is! What should I contribute?
-- This is very simple. x86 isn't a specialized community. By that, I mean we don't specialize or excel in any one area. Unlike other clans, who may be full of extremely good programmers or gamers, x86 is just a group of tightly-knitted friends who enjoy each others' company. We enjoy a multitude of things. If you think something is interesting, discuss it. If it turns out nobody liked it, well, find another thing to discuss. One of us is bound to like something you find!

Alright! I have gotten two of the three leaders to approve of me! Now what do I do?
-- Now that you've been approved, a voting process has most likely been started on you. This is the most crucial stage of your potential membership. This is where the members, who may have ignored you before, will analyze you, your character, and whether they want you in the clan or not. This is your time to shine. Get to know the members, get the members to like you (help a member out if they need something, game with the members, you can figure out how to befriend them) and your chances of getting in will be high.

How will I know when my vote is over? Will I know the results?
-- You will know when your vote is over when the vote-taker (most likely the figurehead or a temporary figurehead) contacts you and lets you know whether your vote passed or not. You will not know the actual results, just a simple "You passed, welcome to x86!" or "You didn't pass. Sorry, try again."

Oh my god! I passed! Woohoo!
-- Congratulations. You're a part of the brotherhood. As iago would say, "One of us! One of us! One of us!"

Oh my f**king god! I didn't pass! What the f*ck is this sh*t? I f*cking hate you all! You crushed my dreams!
-- If you didn't pass, well, you're always welcome to attempt to join again. Or you can just wait a little longer before joining, so that you can get better-known to the members, which might help your vote.

However, do not do any of the following, as they will lower your chances of getting in greatly, even annihilating them completely:

  • Beg, cry, or whine that you didn't get in.
  • Spam our channels, spam our e-mail accounts, flood our forums.
  • Send us death threats/anthrax/bombs/midget assassins in the mail.

Sure, it may have crushed your dreams, but one day you'll get over not making it in!

Your stupid crappy document didn't answer my question!
-- Haha, well your question must suck or be really stupid.

Either way, send a member a private message and they'll respond as soon as they can.
This will be updated without notice. UPDATED @ 04/13/06 (by: Newby) -- Fixed current leaders to iago/Sidoh/MyndFyre. UPDATED @ 02/10/08 (by: Newby) -- Fixed a typo thanks to the filter. Updated @ 07/26/08 (by MyndFyre) - Blaze hasn't been a leader for a while! UPDATED @ 08/09/08 (by Newby) -- Fixed a grammatical error and corrected some links. I'm that bored at midnight, lulz.
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