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JavaOp 2.1.3 running changelog
« on: January 20, 2010, 09:20:55 pm »
This is the "Snow Leopard" of JavaOp. Hardly any new features, but the bot is overhauled to be harder, better, faster, stronger.  Some key issues addressed are enhancements to SwingGui for OS X, and general fixes to many issues. I also removed a ton of old debugging code that was spamming the console. Also, with StayConnected, the bot should be 100% more robust.

users.Statstring: Removed debugging messages of raw statstrings, and checking for general bad data (NullPointerException's)
users.War3Statstring: Checking for bad data (NullPointerException's), changed icon resolving to using a dictionary which should highly optimize it. If that's not true in Java, blame MyndFyre for misleading me.

Renamed from Auto-Rejoin.

Renamed from Channel Protection.

Renamed from SimpleEventProcess.

versioning.Game: Removed left over CD-Key debugging output.
versioning.GameData: Allowing customization of the hash file directory. Please delete your current _GameData.txt file if you use local hashing.
cdkey.Alpha26Decode: Fixed a critical error that caused 26 character keys to not work. Also, fixed the key translation tables to fix the product value errors.
cdkey.Decode: LoginExceptions have been replaced with an IllegalArgumentException. I could say that it's because bad cdkeys are illegal arguments, but it's really so I could...
cdkey.Decode: Added a debugging method for printing key's values.
util.ServerSignature: Since the SID_AUTH_CHECK class was getting messy, all code related to server signatures has been moved to this class, so now validating the signature takes one line of code.

Renamed from Global Command.

JavaOpFrame: Now using native look-and-feel.
JavaOpPanel: Added margins to the ColorTextPane. Added customizable font. Check for it under global preferences.
JavaOpPanel: Caught exceptions won't be displayed if minimum display level is below Error.
GameIcons: Fixed issues where some game icons wouldn't show up.

Finally fixed the plugin. Finally!

Under the hood:
- All revisited code will conform to my personal coding standards: line maximum of 80 characters, and curly braces go on the same line as their opening statement and following catch / else statement, except where their opening statement is more than one line long.
- All revisited code will have generics removed. It leaves the code open to bad plugins, etc.
- Removed all jardesc and manifest files. The bot is built using a new Apache Ant script, which I wrote in about 15 minutes.
- All plugins now run in their own namespace. The main class no longer has to be PluginMain -- it's specified as Main-Class in the JAR's manifest. I can't believe I did all that by hand.
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