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Sneaker Pimps
« on: January 16, 2006, 12:08:44 am »
This band is a weird one.  If you like music that is outside the norm. I suggest you download some of these songs.  I can't really tell what Genre it belongs to, maybe alternative.. something?  I don't know.

My two favorite songs so far from her are:
Velvet Divorce  and Bloodsport.

And yes, it's a her. :)
The once grove of splendor,
Aforetime crowned by lilac and lily,
Lay now forevermore slender;
And all winds that liven
Silhouette a lone existence;
A leafless oak grasping at eternity.

"They say that I must learn to kill before I can feel safe, but I rather kill myself then turn into their slave."
- The Rasmus