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JavaOp 2.1.2 Information
« on: September 15, 2009, 02:14:48 PM »
Here's the current changelog as of 2AM, Sep 19. Everything "CODE" is all under the hood and wont effect anything for the end user, but it improves maintainability (JavaOp is a beast!)
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - getFiles(String) now returns all 4 versioning files, not just 3.
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - game field no longer marked final (was causing constructor warnings)
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.CheckRevision - Corrected an error in determining the MPQ number for ver-IX86-[0-7].mpq files
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.Versioning - Changed the type of all formula variables to byte[] for handling ascii unsafe formulas (ie, lockdown)
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.Bnls - updated default BNLS server list. Please reset to default.
FIX: BNetLogin.versioning.CheckRevision - will now throw an InvalidVersion exception if you try to run CheckRevision on an unknown MPQ format.
ADD: BNetogin.versioning.Game - initialize(), added File4 for D2DV, D2XP, WAR3, W3XP, for when Lockdown gets added to them.
FIX: BotMail.PluginMain - Fixed a statement in plugin load that caused a NullPointerException if the setting wasn't present, preventing the plugin from loading.
FIX: - When creating a new bot, all plugins will be enabled.
FIX: - Changed socket timeout to 30 seconds for those with spartan connections like mine.
ADD: - When an exception occurs, the output will now be tagged [BNET] to prevent confusion with BNLS.
ADD: In the SID_AUTH_CHECK creation debug block, added the CD-Key decoder names. I seem to be having trouble with CD-Key hashing lately..
CHANGE: - Changed short name to "_Bot Core", long name to "JavaOp2", version to '2.1.2", added myself as an author.
STRUCTURE: Plugin versions will now correspond with the bot version from when they were last modified. For example, all plugins have had their version set to 2.1.2.
STRUCTURE: Formatted code (using my own ruleset) so it looks a lot cleaner.
STRUCTURE: Removed all jardesc's from individual projects. The ones in _Build will be used exclusively.
STRUCTURE: javaop2 - Removed individual jardescs and manifests.
STRUCTURE: Completely removed javaop2_pub
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Versioning - Documented methods, changed all cases of "versionString" to "formula" to be more universal
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.CheckRevision - new function runCheckRevision() is the entry point for all types of CheckRevision.
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Versioning - Removed some unused imports
CODE: BNetLogin.Login - Updated to use Versioning instead of BNLSWrapper.
CODE: BNetLogin.PluginMain - Updated to use Versioning instead of BNLSWrapper
CODE: BNetLogin.Login - Updated to use new CheckRevisionResults
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.CheckRevisionResults - Added class header. Removed get methods, changed class variables to public.
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.BNLSWrapper - removed
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.BNLSClinet - removed
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Versioning - new entry point for versioning
CODE: BnetLogin.version.Bnls - entirely static BNLS handling class
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - getGames(), parameterized the vectors.
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - hasTwoKeys(String) simplified
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - commented sections in the constructor for each game.
CODE: BNetLogin.versioning.Game - modified constructor to figure out the game with less guesses, rearranged it to be more readable
CODE: FunStuff.Define - Parameterized vectors
CODE: javaop2.util.FileManagement - Parameterized vectors
CODE: javaop2.util.FileManagement - Parameterized vectors
CODE: javaop2.CommandLineConfigure - Parameterized vectors
CODE: - Parameterized hashtables, vectors, enumerations
CODE: - Parameterized hashtables
CODE: - Parameterized hashtables
CODE: - Parameterized vectors
CODE: GlobalCommand.PluginMain - removed auto generated stub method comments
CODE: Renamed,, and to have a _ before their names.
CODE: Changed jardesc files to export jars in my user directory

My personal to-do list for JavaOp, not necessarily 2.1.2:
Look into Camel's suggestion for plugin namespacing.

Remove icon data from code, include icon files

Add BNFTP to download icons

More descriptive errors for missing hash files, or invalid game version

Bug: bot wont load if SwingGui isn't present.

Bug: causing SwingGui bot menu's not to show in OS X

Copied from the old thread:
- Fix the bug where commas can be used to exploit access checks.
- More robust auto-reconnect features.
- Support old version checking systems for supporting PvPGN.
- Check and fix (if necessary) SID_NULL behaviour to allow compatibility with PvPGN and avoid a possible server-side exploit.
- "List tabs" for channel/friends/clan
- Clan invitations

Your turn. What's broke, doesn't work right, etc? All of your "cannot connect due to lockdown", "CD-key invalid" errors (that aren't your fault, that is) are going to be corrected by the above stuff. I hope.

Also, please remember that 2.1.2 will be built against Java 5. If you don't have Java 5 yet (run java -v from a command prompt), now is the time to upgrade. You have a good week or more, but this is your warning.

When 2.1.2 is released, I'd like a subforum for "Support Archive", that all old posts will be moved to. Since this version is drastically changed, there'll be many new bugs, and many old bugs won't apply anymore -- it'll be a whole new ball game, and I think we need a new playing field.
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I'd personally do as Joe suggests

You might be right about that, Joe.

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Re: JavaOp 2.1.2 Information
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 08:28:49 AM »
joe is the real deal

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Re: JavaOp 2.1.2 Information
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2009, 01:58:09 PM »
They're called generics.

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