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iPhone Development Stuffs
« on: February 24, 2010, 11:38:58 pm »
So the other day I got bored and decided "I'm going to learn a new technology". Then I got unbored. A few days later, I decided on Core Location, the iPhone GPS framework.

I don't actually have an iPhone, only an iPod touch, which doesn't have a true GPS but relies on nearby routers to get coordinates. Apparently it downloads all nearby MAC addresses because I was able to keep a fix for a few minutes after leaving school with no internet connection.

Anyhow, using Core Location and Map Kit, I tossed together a cool little app that drops a pin wherever you are, whenever you get a GPS fix (technically, every time Core Location updates your coordinates). A few tidbits of code are here, but the coolness is the end product. See attachment. :)

This is probably going to be my "I did something new that doesn't deserve it's own thread" thread.
I'd personally do as Joe suggests

You might be right about that, Joe.