Author Topic: Run on Qnap JRE plugin........  (Read 4845 times)

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Run on Qnap JRE plugin........
« on: February 16, 2011, 05:02:53 pm »
Hi all!
I am very happy to have discovered this Java application and this good forum too :-)

I have some questions as shown below:

I have installed JRE.qpkg on my Qnap-259 pro, then, by Putty access, I have launched JavaOp2:
Code: [Select]
[~] # java -jar /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/JRE/bnetbot/JavaOp2.jar bnet
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Advertisements.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Alias.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.AntiFlood.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.AutoRejoin.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Autoban.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.AwayMessage.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.BNetLogin.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.BasicCommands.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.BnetEventProcess.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.BotMail.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ChannelList.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ChannelProtection.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Commands.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ConnectionCommands.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ConsoleDisplay.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Designate.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.EmailRegister.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Filters.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Forwarding.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.FunStuff.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.GlobalCommand.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Greeting.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Help.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.IPBan.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Ladder.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Logging.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Moderation.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Ping.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Profile.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ShellCommands.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.ShowInvisibleUsers.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.StayConnected.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.SweepBan.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.SwingGui.PluginMain
Warning: Unable to load the SwingGUI (you're probably on a commandline)
FYI, the error was: java.awt.HeadlessException:
No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.
Loading plugin: com.javaop.UserInformation.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.UserManagement.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.Version.PluginMain
Loading plugin: com.javaop.War3Clan.PluginMain
Loading bnet
Activating plugin: _Default
Plugin: StayConnected
Plugin: UserInformation
Plugin: AwayMessage
Plugin: Profile
Plugin: ShowInvisibleUsers
Plugin: Filter
Plugin: War3Clan
Plugin: Designate
Plugin: BnetEventProcess
Plugin: Commands
Plugin: Autoban
Plugin: ChannelProtection
Plugin: ConnectionCommands
Plugin: IPBan
Plugin: Logging
Plugin: UserManagement
Plugin: Help
Plugin: Alias
Plugin: FunStuff
Plugin: ConsoleDisplay
Plugin: AutoRejoin
Plugin: _Default
Plugin: SwingGui
Plugin: BotMail
Plugin: Ping
Plugin: Moderation
Plugin: Login Plugin
Plugin: Advertisements
Plugin: GlobalCommand
Plugin: SweepBan
Plugin: Version
Plugin: AntiFlood
Plugin: Greeting
Plugin: Forwarding
Plugin: ChannelList
Plugin: BasicCommands
Plugin: ShellCommands
Plugin: EmailRegister
Plugin: Ladder


I've seen an error on SwingGUI - ??????????
The bot doesn't continue - I have to press Ctrl+c to stop there, without any java windows opened.
I've tried under W7, too, it works but I cannot ban, kick and more, anyone - "That character is not logged on.  Try using *username to message a user or character@realm to message a character in a different realm."
Please, how to fix this?
Thanks in advance and excuse me for my bad english.
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Re: Run on Qnap JRE plugin........
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 05:53:28 pm »
SwingGUI is the Graphical Interface for JavaOp.  You must disable any plugins that use or rely on this if you are going to run this through PuTTY, or any other command-line.
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Re: Run on Qnap JRE plugin........
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 12:56:35 pm »
You should run CommandlineConfigure.jar to configure your bot to have all of its settings, and to autoconnect on startup. This is generally done in the bot's UI itself, but obviously that's not possible for you.

Neat find, by the way.
I'd personally do as Joe suggests

You might be right about that, Joe.