Author Topic: Backstab report #2 - WiReS  (Read 3054 times)

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Backstab report #2 - WiReS
« on: June 14, 2005, 09:22:21 pm »
Backstabbers are allied, backstabees are unallied.

So we start the game and it's all running just fine and dandy until, Purple (aa.evil) notices I've backstabbed him before!  It dawned on me when I first started the game that I backstabbed him earlier today with Networks also.  I didn't pay any attention to it though.  He said the same thing he said before about bruting my password. :]

He then decides to leave about 3 minutes later so one down three to go!

Then about 5 minutes later Brown (Spade(Fubar)) decided to leave for some unknown reason.  He looked like a pretty worth opponent too.  Oh well, another one bites the dust.

It's nearing 7:00 now, which I'm in a hurry because I have to go so I decide to backstab early with a reaver drop on Blue (isalo).  I don't even think he even noticed me attacking him!  Until maybe 2 minutes or so into the attack he yells out 'Yellows bsing!'.  He tries to kill me with lurkers but forgets to unally so he dies.

While I'm off away from my base trying to kill Blue (isalo) the computer comes down to my base and drops some High Templars at my mineral patch and destroy my probes.  I had to rebuild a lot of probes then, and I was running low on minerals. :(

It's about 6:45 now so we must hurry or I'll have to leave.  I go after Red (K]o[L-HuNtEr) he must have unallied while I was killing Blue (isalo) because he was shooting down my shuttles.  When I finally reached his hatchery where his drones were working their poor hearts out getting minerals and gas for him, I unloaded my shuttles and blew them away.  He starts threatening to hack me.

Zero[X] and Blazey finally help me and kill off red.  He decides to leave because hes a sore loser.

We finally killed off the computer and got our victory.  Good game guys. :)

If you'd like to watch the replay that Blazey saved, can be found Here. :D
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Re: Backstab report #2 - WiReS
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2005, 09:26:37 pm »
I fooled around too much, if I had worked harder I could have got blue and red. :P
Notice my resource score? Ohh yeah!

Good game overall.
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Re: Backstab report #2 - WiReS
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2005, 11:24:56 pm »
It was a good game, But i couldnt get my guardians fast enough.  :P

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