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« on: October 07, 2006, 01:20:34 am »
I'm requesting a logo for my band. Here's the guidelines copied and pasted from
Metal Militia needs a logo designed for his band, "SuperTonic". It will consist of the band's name, SuperTonic, in psycadelic '60s-ish lettering. (examples: link, link, link - not exactly like any of these, they just give you the general idea)

  • Designed to appear on a dark grey backdrop.
  • 'Super' in one color and 'Tonic' in another.
  • Minimal sharp corners (ie. like the third example, but smoother/curvier)
  • Two submissions per person - the first must abide by the criteria, the second can be any ideas of your own for a logo.
The due date is one week, Sunday 10-15-06 at the latest.
The winner earns the prize of having their design displayed on the band T-shits. X)
If you do not wish to register there and post, then I will submit your image yourself. I'll give much love to whoever makes the best image. :)
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