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Introductions! / A bit about me
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:01:27 am »
Well im 19 and i come from canada no i dont live in a igloo or a Tepee
I like to sk8board Drink Reak Havoc and mayhem and chaos. I like to Drink
I am learning some Asmebley or w/e im working on building up a pc. I'm working on knowing my way around the linux workd cuse im still new to that i know i like it more then windows cuse windows a a hunk of shit and bill gates is a fucking fag.
I live 4hours away from Toronto amd  a thug / gangsta I tend to go a bit Skitzo at times and i love Drug's and Guns. Not much more to say bout me but that im Nuts and not all there in the head...LOL no i am not dumb or shit like that. I'm just Liven by Thug Life rules.
Music I like Gangsta Rap not that 50cent bull shit
Nope i got no Bitch that i date i get just pussy on the side from chicks cuse they love gangstas.
I am a part of Clan Mafia
Ummm.....Only person here i know is newby and we use to talk way back in the day.
i told ya why i wanted to ojin. Also i know the ppl in here r fucking kool and nice ppl to chat wit cuse i use to hang out in the channel time to time
favourite tv show? I'm gonna say Family Guy or the Sapranos.
Favourite movie ? The God fother
Fav Band ? Rappers aint bands
Season? Fall not 2 hot and not 2 cold
Type of weather: Worm

Subject in school? <----never had 1 i liked they all sucked ass

Fav Chemical : i would say all chemical  drug's that r not for little kids..Yes i do drugs
Fav Food? i like all food's
Fav Drink? W/e u can get Smashed off of
Fav Book? Porn aint bad..LOL i cant say i read cuse i dont find shit that is amuseing to me.
Operating system ? Well this comp here aint mine my mom runs Windows Xp cuse she is dumb and needs a shit OS that is "User Friendley" as they call this junk

Phone company ? why the hell would i wanna be mobile ? that means i have to talk to ppl i dun wanna.

Computer brand ? anything other then Dell and IBM

Linux distribution? Still learning  bout Linux

Fav Sport? Sk8boarding cuse there is no rules and no 1 can tell u what to do

Fav Sports team?  The Canucks

Sporting event? I like Skate Comps there a blast

Fav Game? RPG's Final Fantasy games were kool i use to play them till ff10 came out then they got hella gay

Animal? Yes i can me when i get pissed off

Pet? Yeah chicks say its in my pants
Well thats bout all i have to say bout me if i missed anything ask and i will tell.

I'd like to join! / Looking to join and further my pc knowlage
« on: November 09, 2005, 02:51:58 pm »

General Programming / Some help plz ?
« on: May 07, 2005, 06:10:22 am »
Where can i find ARDenc Library so i can use it with my crap VB i got thats pirated..LOL Some help would be nice.

Trash Can / May i make a Request ? Not needed
« on: May 01, 2005, 05:08:21 pm »
Hey Sup Newby, Nice fourms here man. I was requesting 1 but i got 1 made so i dont need to bother x86 members ne more. So some 1 can delete this topic or w/e if they like no need 4 it to take up room on a msg board

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